Wednesday, September 10


So for all of you that DON’T have Instagram…





Guess you will all have to come in and find out what NEW stuff we got…

More still on the way!!! ūüôā



Sign-up sheet is at the gym for sweatshirts!!! Get your name on that list before Friday the 19th!!! $35 each pre-sale price!!! BOOM.


Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts Sunday!!!!!! You only have 4 more days to sign up! DO IT!!!



Mark your calendars. We are doing Barbells 4 Boobs on Sunday October 26th. It is a same-sex partner WOD. So figure out your partner. We will be having sign-ups for times within the next few weeks.


We¬†encourage¬†everyone who is planning on participating to donate to Barbells 4¬†Boobs. It goes towards a great cause. Help save lives. (The button to donate is on the right. It’s hard to miss. It’s pink. Please use that button as it goes to our gym page.)




Wednesday, September 10






50 DU’s or Attempts

10 Good Mornings w/bar of choice (do NOT add weight)

Banded Back Pack

Banded Shoulder


Inch Worms





Strict Press

1×5 @ 85%






4 Rounds

25 Calorie row

15 Burpees

10 Thrusters