Wednesday, May 21

Nice work today everyone!!!! You guys really pushed through!!!! So proud!!!


6am getting their Cindy on!!!!!!!
6am getting their Cindy on!!!!!!!


Quick side note… The ‘o’ on my keyboard does not work. I therefore have to hit ‘command v’ every time I need that letter in a word, it’s the mac shortcut for paste because I already have it copied. It is such a pain in the ass… you have no idea!!!! And every word I want to type, has that stupid letter in it. I am trying to think of other words that don’t have that letter in it… not really having luck with it, as you can see. K, I’m done with my rant. Spanks for listening!



Class sign-ups are here.

I see that 6 people clicked on the Michigan chair link. 6 chairs for me! I promise I will have a xbox/wii party. We can all take turns sitting in the sweet chairs!



A few updates for the next few weeks…



1)  JBN is coming… This Friday for DL Friday!!!! They will be here during the 6pm class. Come check out the awesome supplements that they have!!!! Free samples, guys… FREE samples. Boom!!!!!


2) Anyone keeping count of the number of “o’s” I am typing?


3) Starting June 2nd, open gym will be happening Monday-Thursday from 7-8pm. Remember it is open gym, not a coached class.


4) This Monday is Memorial Day. At 9am, we will be doing ‘Murph.’ Come out and pay your respects to all the fallen soldiers who put their lives on the line for us by participating in the WOD. If you happen to have the bootleg version of ‘Lone Survivor,’ watch it. The man we are WOD-ing in the name of, is portrayed in that movie. It’s a super-amazing movie. Everyone should see it.


5) Ariel and his family are graciously hosting the next party. This one is paleo, kinda like the last one. ha. This coming Saturday, anytime after 5pm. ALL Baners are welcome!!! I will post his address later in the week at the gym and in the WOD for Saturday. Food sign-ups are at the gym, same place as the last party. This is starting to become a thing. Matt D. and Becky said to me last night that us ‘old people’ are really fun! I assume they are talking about the upcoming birthday boy, Matt F. The big 7-0 on Thursday!






200m jog

Active Downward Dog

Standing Leg Swings

Standing Knees to Chest

Lateral Squats

200m jog








5 Rounds

250m row

200m run

1 min. rest




Auxiliary Work 

5 min of Double Unders



Just in case you were wondering…

‘o’ count total – 115.