Wednesday, June 4

So no one said a thing about yesterdays post and how I messed it up by writing “May” instead of June. Way to be on top of things…


So, how ’bout them burpeeeeeeeees?


More people on the floor after this WOD than any other WOD in a while… LOVE IT!!!!!


Nice work everyone!!!! Keep pushing yourselves!!! You will see gains!



Our newest grad!!! Congrats to Daina!
Our newest grad!!! Congrats to Daina!



Class sign-ups for the rest of this week are here!



Photo bombing…






Banded Lat Stretch

Forearm Liberator

Lat Lenghting






250m row/200m run

1 Rope Climb

500m row/400m run

2 Rope Climbs

750m row/600m run

3 Rope Climbs

1000m row/800m run

4 Rope Climbs



Pick your poison. You can either row OR run.