Wednesday, July 23





This Saturday class will NOT be held at the gym. We are very sorry about this.

There will be no coaches around because all of us had already planned our vacations before the gym even opened.

So instead of a gym WOD, we are scheduling an “off-site” WOD. Everyone that wants to go, meet at Lafayette Stadium at 9am for regular class time. We will post the WOD like we always do Friday nights at 8pm. You can use your imagination on this one though, it’s at Lafayette Stadium 🙂


Again we are very sorry about this!!!!!!





Wednesday, July 23





500m Row

Banded Shoulder – 2 ways

Inch Worms


Anything else you need!!!





Strict Press

3×5 @ 75% of 1 RM






50 abmats

21 Pushups

21 Push Press (95/65)

400m run

15 Pushups

15 Push Press

400m run

9 Pushups

9 Push Press

400m run

50 abmats