Wednesday, January 28

Back to normal (hopefully)!!!!!!


For all of you that hate winter, I’m sorry. But we live in the North East. What do you expect??


I found this quite comical…


























Another great quote from Matt:


“If you’re not showing up, you’re getting out worked. So get. In. Here.”


The Open starts in 1 month. The first Annual Bane In-House comp is April 11th.


Stop with the excuses.


To everyone that came out today for DT, nice work!!!!

It’s one of Halper’s favorites.



To all you Lurong peeps, we will be doing the mini-challenge WOD on Thursday.

So make sure you get in here for that!


That’s the only WOD info that will be given this week!!!


See you all at the box today!! 🙂