Well… good news… It’s going to be close to 40 degrees today!!!!!!!! OMG… And then tomorrow.. well let’s just focus on the positive stuff!




















Don’t forget to fill out the quick survey that we sent everyone!





So far a lot of responses on people doing the Bane In-House Competition! Which we are SUPER excited about!

We will be posting sign-ups sometime this month! We will keep you updated.


Also wanted to let you know that there is a Festivus Competition coming to the area the week AFTER our comp, so April 18th. It is in Allentown at CrossFit Lehigh Valley.

We have posters up at the gym.


It is a GREAT comp to do! Just ask Daina. She did one back in October and had a blast! So much fun she’s planning on doing it again this year!


Here is the link to register and check out more info!



1 more thing…

If you see this pic, please take a minute to sign up for text messages to your phone.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.32.03 PM








This way if something is pressing, we can text you via BoxHQ. We will NOT share your number with anyone! We promise!!!!



Lurong Mini-WOD for the week will be done on Thursday!!!



Wednesday, February 4





See Whiteboard





E3MOM 15

4 Hang Clean @ 68% of 1RM Full Clean





“Fight Gone Haywire”

4 Rounds

Front Squat (95/65)

Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Wall Balls  (20/14)

Clean & Jerk (95/65)

1 min. Rest after each round


***You are at each ‘station’ for 1:15***





Team Stretch/Mobility

Coach’s Choice 🙂