Wednesday, April 30

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh snatch. Nice job today!!! Very technical movement and you all did awesome!!!!!


Elyse in her first CrossFit class!!
Elyse in her first CrossFit class!!


Meghann newest BIT grad...
Meghann getting photo bombed by her husband.


Class sign-ups are here. Please, please, please sign up….


Don’t forget…


1. Sign-up for the Paleo party at the gym. May 17th @ 5pm at Matt’s house. Address and directions to follow.


2. Grand Opening is May 10th from 11am-2pm. Mark your calendars!


3. In-house bet is 1 day away…



Today we are doing an active recovery day. This means that instead of all of you taking off Wednesdays and missing strength, we are giving you a reason to come in! We are going to focus on mobility and the WOD will be geared more towards conditioning them strength. This will allow your body a day to ‘rest’ without actually sitting on the couch and eating Oreos.



Wednesday April, 30




Banded shoulder stretches

Lat smash

Couch stretch

Banded hip opener





Row Tree (Come in and find out what it is)




Row, Row, Row your boat…