Tuesday, September 9


Is that the “Selleck ‘Stache” I see coming back???




1) Don’t forget to bring in your gently used shoes/sneakers/flip-flops/etc. Men’s, women’s and kids are accepted. They are going to a great cause!!!!! Do the right thing 🙂



2) Remember guys, its bring a friend in month (Just not on Sundays because of no coaching due to Open gym)!! The more friends you bring to try us out, the better your chances of winning a very cool sweatshirt!!!!!!



3) Speaking of sweatshirts, they are in!!!! 2 versions are at the gym hanging and (in celebration of NYFW – New York Fashion Week, YAY) the 3rd version will be modeled by Halper and myself.

Pre-sale will be $35 each. If you don’t pre-order, they will be $40.


Sign-ups will be at the gym. Pre-sale ends September 19th (next Friday)! We want to get them in so people can wear them! Especially since its getting chilly-er in the am!!!!!



4) Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts next week. We will have the WODs they programmed in our programming starting Monday. Registration closes Monday. If you plan on signing up, you HAVE to do it before then!


We (coaches) have to take your body measurements. You MUST schedule it with us. Please don’t roll into the gym 5 minutes before class starts and expect us to do it. Talk with us this week to set something up for the end of this week.


Thanks for understanding.



5) You will see new equipment in the gym this week. YAY!!! FRACTIONAL PLATES. boom.



Tuesday, September 9





50 DU’s or attempts

10 Burpees

10 Kips

Couch Stretch

Pigeon Pose on box








800m run

15 Pistols, left leg

15 Pistols, right leg

50 Push-ups

600m run

10 Pistols, left leg

10 Pistols, right leg

40 Push-ups

400m run

5 Pistols, left leg

5 Pistols, right leg

30 Push-ups






Abs of your choice