Tuesday, September 16

A few notes on the Challenge

  • Please make sure that you fill in your WOD 1 results, measurements and weight so that we can ‘verify’ them.
  • Also, fill in your diet at the end of each day for extra points.
  • There is a “Goals” tab. You can get extra points for them too.
  • One of the goals is “beat your coach in a WOD.” I really like this one 🙂



Tuesday, September 16





Lurong Special






With a continuously running clock…

1 mille run (For time)

1 min. rest (start AMRAP on nearest full minute after rest)

AMRAP in 10 mins.

10 Med Ball Clean Wall Balls

10 Med Ball Sit-ups

1 min. rest (start run on nearest full minute after rest)

1 mile run (For time)