Tuesday, May 6

5am... Wall balls!!!!
5am… Wall balls!!!!


Awesome effort today guys!!! Long WOD and you all did great!!!!! So proud of everyone!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!



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Tuesday, May 6




400m run OR 500m row OR 2 solid mins. of jump rope

10 Wrist circles

10 Elbow circles

10 shoulder circles

10 Arm Circles

10 Arm Twists

10 Trunk Rotations

10 Bow and Bend

10 Pause Squats





Split Jerk



*If you are comfortable with the movement, use this time to establish a 3 rep max.

*If you still are new to the Power Clean, work on the basics of the movement and do a light to moderate 3 sets.








30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

rest half the time it took to complete Grace (round to nearest minute)

200 double unders


Note time for Grace AND time for entire WOD.