Tuesday, May 20


Beach Seeeeeeaaaaaaaason!!!!
Beach Seeeeeeaaaaaaaason!!!!



A few announcements:


1 – This Friday (May 23rd), JBN will be here during the 6pm class. They will be giving out samples of their pre and post-WOD supplements. If you normally come at a different time, change it up just this once and check out what they have!!!!!


This is a BFD guys… get your butts out here for it! Proper supplements yield better results and better recovery! Gotta heal up for ‘Murph’ on Monday! #priorities


2 – Starting June 2nd we are adding a class to the schedule!!! Open gym at CFB will be Monday – Thursdays from 7-8pm. Open gym is for people who are familiar with CrossFit and have taken the BIT classes and are currently in our regular CrossFit classes.


What can you do during open gym? Whatever you want… BUT remember you will NOT be coached like you are coached during the regular classes. If you do NOT know how to do the movements, I suggest you do NOT come to open gym thinking that you are going to get coached. Yes, there will be coaches there, but they might be WOD-ing too. You can absolutely ask questions, but remember it is NOT a regular class.


Any questions about this, ask a coach.



Take a guess where class sign-ups are….. They might be here. Or here.


If you clicked on the wrong link, looks like you’re the lucky one that gets to buy me that!

I REALLY appreciate your generosity. 🙂








2 rounds

10 slow walking lunges

10 hollow rocks on the pull-up bar

Deep squat hold for 1:00 pushing the knees out





Handstand Hold


30 sec hold

1 min rest

45 sec hold

1 min rest

60 sec hold






20 min. AMRAP

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats