Tuesday, January 6

Nice work today everyone!


Stopping the rower exactly at 100m is NOT as easy as it sounds!!!!!!


Morning classes gettin’ it done!


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Tuesday Announcements:


1) CrossFit Kids classes start Saturday, January 10th. 11am to noon with Coach Justin.


2) Oly Lifting classes start Saturday, January 10th. 9-10am with Coach Ariel.

You MUST sign up for classes online (using BoxHQ).


3) Bane Holiday party is Saturday, January 10th. 6:30pm. Address is at the gym on the food sign-up board. (It’s at Matt’s house).


4) Lurong Resolution Challenge starts January 19th. There will be WODs and 3 different diet levels this time around!!!

Here is the link. Sign-up today!!!


5) The CrossFit Open registration opens in 10 days. Even if you aren’t where you want to be for your fitness level, still do it!

It is a fun time for the whole gym to get together and cheer each other on! It is also a good gauge to see where you are in the CrossFit world and really get an idea of where you need to improve for next year!!!!!


If you don’t know what the Open is, ask a coach!!!



Tuesday, January 6





See Whiteboard





E3MOM for 30 mins.

4 Deadlift

3 Hang Power Clean

2 Front Squat

1 Thruster





1 – The bar can NOT rest on the ground during the 4 movements.


2 – You must add weight each set. Remember there are 10 sets here, so think about it. Do NOT start at a high weight.

The goal is to work up to a high weight. But also take into consideration how many reps you are doing. This will get rough, quick.