Gotta love this weather. These 3 day weekends have been throwing off our WOD schedule, but anyone that works for a school hasn’t had a full work week since LAST YEAR!!!!!!


Nice work to those that came in today! #staysafe



Got a few new things coming to you guys this week!


Stayed tuned for more announcements coming soon!!!!!


Don’t forget, the Open starts this end of the this month! Get signed up!!!


We have a lot of people that are doing the Festivus Comp in April at CrossFit Lehigh Valley. We are super excited about this! Use the Bane In-House Comp the week before as a warmup!!! It is going to be tons of fun!

We promise!!!




Tuesday, February 10





See whiteboard





E2MOM 14

4 Clean Grip Deadlift (no reverse grip)

You can add weight each set AS LONG AS you maintain the correct technique








Min 1 – 10 Pushups

Min 2 – 15 Weighted Situps (45/25)

Min 3 – 20 Air Squats


*Repeat 3 minute intervals for 18 minutes (6 rounds total)





Tabata Hollow Hold