Tuesday, August 5

Gotta love thrusters!!!!

Nice work today everyone!!!! What a great WOD!!!






A few things…


1) Don’t forget to get to the gym about 10 minutes before class starts to get in your warmup!!!!!!!! Class starts on the hour!!!!!


2) IF you put your name down for Iron Pigs Tickets, money is due. 10 bucks per ticket. Thanks!


3) Just a reminder… If you park along the side of the building, please back in!!!! These spaces are marked as such. It is for safety reasons for us and the Hillis Group employees.


Thanks so much!!!!!!




Tuesday, August 5





100 Doubles or 200 Singles

Front Rack Mobility


Couch Stretch

Anything else you need!!!





Power Clean

EMOM 4 mins. 1 rep of the following:

Min. 1 – 40# below 1 RM

Min. 2 – 30# below 1 RM

Min. 3 – 20# below 1 RM

Min. 4  – 10# below 1 RM

Repeat 2 times (no rest in between)





AMRAP 10 mins.

2 Wall Climbs

5 SDLHP (95/65)

10 Sit up to stand up