Tuesday, August 26

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I have 2 Iron Pigs tickets for sale. Let me or Ariel know if you want them. 10 bucks each! It’s this Thursday!!!!!


Now that summer is winding down, you might have a pair (or more) of rubber flip flops that you are going to throw away. Instead of doing that, bring them in. We are collecting them to to ship out to a recycling center that turns them into trash cans and park benches!!!!!

Flip flops (like most other clothing) do not decompose in a landfill. Minimize your impact on the earth!!!!!


We are excepting them through the end of September!!!





Tuesday, August 26





100 DU’s or DU Attempts. NO SINGLES!!!

20 Kips

10 Downward Dog Push-ups

Banded Shoulder

Banded Front Rack





Push Press

5×2, climbing






Burpee Box Jump Pull-ups







100m sprints