Tuesday, August 19

Birthday Burpppppeeeeesss!!!


Congrats to Joscelyn, our newest BIT grad!!!!!




Who doesn’t love a good squat?!?!


Anyone have that jiggly feeling in their legs/butt??


That was all Brody. hehe



Ok… it’s Tuesday. You know what that means??????


1) Iron Pigs game is NEXT Thursday, the 28th. They want us there by 6pm. They are going to have a mini-comp. One person from each CrossFit gym will compete for the gym. We should all be there to support!!! Let us know if you can make it by 6pm!!!!!!


Also, 7pm class that night (Thursday the 28th) will be cancelled. (5pm and 6pm are still on as scheduled!!!) Sorry about this!!!!



2) Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. Starts Sept. 15th. Dana and Matt signed up, so now I am off their backs. Just do it now. I’m like a broken record. I won’t shut up until you do!



3) We have a good amount of people that are signing up for competitions!!! There are 3 coming up!! They are on the white board! If you are on the fence, talk to us!!! You should do it as these are really good ones to get your feet wet and see what the CrossFit Community is all about!!!



4) Please read this article. It will take 10 minutes. It’s a good overview of getting the most out of CrossFit!!! Thanks to West Little Rock CrossFit for writing it!!!




Tuesday, August 19





100 Doubles or 200 Singles

Front Rack Mobility


Couch Stretch

Anything else that you need!!!!






Bent over Barbell Rows

5×10 climbing

Last set – 10+


10 min. cap





5 Rounds

400m run

30 Wall Balls (20/14)


30 min. cap