Tuesday, April 29


We have our very first person to be on the ‘douche canoe list.’ If you are wondering what that means, see Brody. He was excited about calling it this. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds pretty terrible.


Pick up after yourself, Matt Ferreri!!!!
Matadors are still on the rig. Might be hard to see in picture.



So pretty much, if you don’t clean up after yourself, you get put on this list…

And to get off of it.. you owe 20 burpees and a 20 calorie row.


Sounds dumb, right?!?! Then we ask that you just clean up your mess! 🙂


Thanks for your cooperation!!!!!!!




Don’t forget…


1. Sign-up for the Paleo party at the gym. May 17th @ 5pm at Matt’s house. Address and directions to follow.


2. Grand Opening is May 10th from 11am-2pm. Mark your calendars!


3. In-house bet is 2 days away…



Sign-up for classes, here.



Tuesday, April 29




2 rounds

15 Shoulder Dislocates

15 OHS

Burgener warmup – 3 per position

Scap smash with ball





Squat Snatch



*If you are comfortable with the movement, use this time to establish a 3 rep max.

*If you still are new to the Power Clean, work on the basics of the movement and do a light to moderate 3 sets.




4 rounds FT

5 Snatch (95/65)

5 OHS (95/65)

5 Barbell Rollouts

400m run


* You are NOT allowed to drop the bar at anytime during the Snatch and the OHS. The 10 total reps MUST be done unbroken.


Max unbroken KBS (2/1.5)