Tuesday, April 15

Nice job today everyone!!!

It was a hotter than normal out, and everyone pushed through the suck!


Even the dog was laying on the floor...
Even the dog was laying on the floor…


Check out our Events page! We will be at a few 5k races coming up within the next few weeks. Come out and support these great causes!!!


Tuesday April, 15




200m run

10 shoulder dislocates

10 air squats (bounce in down position for 5 seconds)

10 Samson stretch

10 Downward dog push ups

30 seconds on each arm – banded delt stretch




Overhead Squat



*If you are comfortable with the movement, use this time to establish a 3 rep max.

*If you still are new to the OHS, work on the basics of the movement and do a light 3 sets.


20 min. cap




FT (For Time)



Chest to bar pull-ups

Double Unders


Cash out:



100 ab mats