Thursday, September 4

Caption this picture…





What is that barrel Matt is in??? It’s a donation barrel. Girls on the Run Pocono is having a Shoe Drive Fundraiser from now until December. They are collecting gently worn shoes, sneakers, boots, heels, sandals, flats, cleats, flip-flops and even roller skates. They are accepting Men’s, Women’s and Children’s shoes. The shoes will then get shipped to third world countries.


It’s time to clean out the closets anyway. Why not get rid of those shoes that have been sitting there for years that you swear one day you will wear, but never have. See it makes sense and your doing a good deed. Bonus points!!! So bring in those shoes! Help others out!!


Thanks guys!! 🙂



Nice work to everyone today!!



5am getting $hit done!!!!!!




Thursday, September 4




400m run

10 Kips

20 elevated air squats

Pigeon pose on box


Samson stretch









EMOM 16 minutes

Even – 5 Box Jumps

Odd – Max Rep Ring Dips


Varsity – 30/24

JV – 24/20

FM – 20/16