Thursday, October 9





Nice job today everyone!!! Only 1 month left of Lurong… You guys are really doing an amazing job! And LOVE all the good food that you are sending our way!! I will update food tomorrow on the site!!!


Even if you aren’t doing the Lurong and you have a Paleo recipe that you want to share, send it to us!!!!!!!!!


Desserts are HIGHLY encouraged!!!




Thursday, October 9





100 DU’s

Scap Smash w/Ball

Samson Stretch

Banded Backpack

Plate Assisted Hip Opener

Banded Ankle







1,000m Row

5 Rounds (couplet only)

25 Pull-ups

7 Push Jerks

800m Run



Varsity – 135/95

JV – 95/65

Freshmeat – 75/45