Matt’s Birthday… Thursday, May 22


I would like to a minute to wish Matt F. a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Today, he is the big 7-5! I’m kidding, he’s not that old. I really have no idea how old he is… hmmm… Clearly, I’m a good friend. I know he’s older than me… so he’s older than 29. It’s either 34 or 35. I’m leaning toward 34.


With that being said… Don’t forget to wish Matt a Happy 34 (ish) Birthday!!!! 



You’re welcome Matt on the greatest start to a birthday ever!!!!


Birthday boy doing what he does best... Photo bombing.
Birthday boy doing what he does best… Photo bombing.


Oh and don’t forget… he REALLY likes Oreos!!!! #justsayin



Now that that business is taken care of…


Time to get back at it!!!!


Class signups for NEXT week are here.

(see below for this week’s signups)


A few quick announcements:


1)  JBN is coming this Fridayyyyyy… Signup for the 6pm class to take advantage of all the pre and post WOD supplements they will be bringing. FREE stuff people, FREE stuff.


2) Starting June 2nd, open gym will be happening Monday-Thursday from 7-8pm. Remember it is open gym, not a coached class.


3) This Monday is Memorial Day. At 9am we will be doing ‘Murph.’


4) Par-tay on Saturday, May 24th at Ariel’s house. Food signup is at the gym. Paleo-ish. You know how we roll!!!!






It’s a surprise!!!!





Rope Climb



Matt’s Birthday WOD:


Death by Thrusters (95/65)

min. 1 – 1 thruster, min. 2 – 2 thrusters, etc. until you can no longer finish the required reps within that minute.





AMRAP 3 mins.

Rope Climbs