Thursday, May 1

… Gently down the stream!


Nice job today everyone… Rowing creeps up on you! Especially after the 4th round !!!!! Super impressed by everyone’s efforts!!! Way to go!!!


Nice work Fred!!!!!!
Nice work Fred!!!!!!


Congrats to our very first ‘Athlete of the Month,’ Carly!!!! If you don’t know Carly, it’s probably because she is a devoted 5am-er!!! Check out the page to learn a bit more about her!!!!


Today is… wait for it… MAY 1!!! And the epic ‘bet’ that we have been hinting at is FINALLY HERE. Details at the gym.




Kidding… here are all the things that you need to know.


1. You, as members, get to place bets (free) on the owners in regards to a Paleo challenge.


2. It’s a 6-week challenge that starts today… ends June 12th.


3. Winner is based a point system that includes % weight lost, % time improvements on 3 WODs and daily paleo regulations.


4. All information will be on the whiteboard in the office. Place your bets there. Once you place a bet on an owner, you can NOT change it. You have until Saturday, May 3rd to place your bets…


5. IF you place a bet, you can join us in the challenge. Point system is the same. If you win, you get a t-shirt or (if you already have a shirt) 20 bucks off your membership in July.


6. The winning owner and their “team” gets to watch everyone else do a WOD of their choice. There is a 45 min. time cap on this WOD.


7. If you are a member that placed a bet on the winning coach, you get a WOD made and named after you here at CrossFit Bane.



Class sign-ups for the rest of this week are here.


Class sign-ups for NEXT week are here.



Thursday, May 1




200m run

10 downward dog push-ups

10 ab mats

10 iron crosses

20 double unders

overhead tissue smash

bilateral shoulder flex ion






Strict Press

Using 90% of your 1 RM calculate as follows:

5 @ 75%

3 @ 85%

1+ @ 95%




Pull-ups – kip & butterfly






3 rounds FT

400m run

21 KBS (1.5/1)

12 Pull-ups



*Helen is the first Test WOD for the challenge!!!!!