Thursday, June 5


Kyle's 'stache is gone :( His aspirations of being Tom Selleck are over, for now.
Kyle’s ‘stache is gone 🙁
His aspirations of being Tom Selleck are over, for now. (He’s the one in the front. If you didn’t know.)



6am Rope Climbs  #prebloodfest
6am Rope Climbs



A few things to remember…


1) CrossFit Kids starts June 17th!!!!!!!!!!! Kids get 2 classes FREE!!!!!!!!!!


2) I am placing the journal order Friday. Cost is $15. Sign-ups are at the gym on the whiteboard. Let us know by Thursday night if you want one!!! They will be in next week!!!


3) Bane Girl’s night… This Saturday… Dinner, a movie and possibility of bustin’ a move or just drinking our faces off. #paleoofcourse No idea where dinner will be yet, but since we might have to make reservations somewhere (depending on size of party), please let us know ASAP if you plan on coming. We don’t know time for movie because it has not been released yet. We don’t know where the after party is either. So pretty much we don’t know anything. You’re welcome.


Seriously though, let us know if you are interested.




Class sign-ups for the rest of this week are here.


Sign-ups for next week are here.



Thursday, June 5






Banded Hip on Rig

Banded Ankle

Heel Walks






3 x 10 Back Squat

Go for a 10 RM

Rest 2 minutes in between sets






5 rounds

Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25) – start at rig, go to wall & back to rig

Max rep pull-ups

Rest 1 minute


*score is total pull-ups






Sochi Twists (45/25)