Thursday, June 26


Congrats to our newest BIT grads!!! Nice job ladies! Keep up the great work!!!



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Ok guys, you HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!!! The new system is in FULL swing!!!!!! No excuses. You all should have gotten a welcome email from BoxHQ about your username and password. If you didn’t, let me (Julie) know ASAP and I will fix it.


If you did and are being lazy about signing up here’s a little motivation: if the class limit is met and you aren’t on the class roster, then you can’t take class.


To sign-up for class, just click on the green button that says BoxHQ Class Sign-up. Seriously, it’s THAT easy.




Thursday, June 26





Banded Shoulder – 2 ways

Burgener Warmup





Bane Snatch Complex

Snatch Grip DL + Hang Snatch + Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat

15 mins. to find 1 RM




1 mile run then

accumulate 3 mins. in plank hold with plate (45/25)