Sunday, September 28


A few things…


1) Today is last day to get your 3 WODs from the Lurong Challenge submitted. THEY MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11:59pm (SUNDAY NIGHT). Please don’t forget to do this!!!!

If you still have one (or all 3) to do, come in today and GET. THEM. DONE.


2) This Monday (tomorrow), JBN is coming down for the 5pm class to sample some new stuff they have!! So GET HERE!!! Try out their new protein. If you are doing the Lurong, you CAN have protein within 30 mins. of the end of your WOD!!!!!!!


3) I know a LOT of you hate cardio/conditioning. We did a lot of strength this past week. Time to round you all out and get your conditioning better!!!


Guys, we don’t program certain things to make your lives miserable, we do this so that you GET BETTER!!!! If you hate a movement or running or anything and you cherry pick the WOD and DON’T come in…. How do you expect to get better????????? We all have things we hate, but come in and tackle them and then guess what… you won’t hate them anymore.


I DESPISE WALL BALLS. I did them 3 times this week. Why??? Because I need to get better at them. How else is that going to happen?


Put things into perspective… If you want to get better or compete or just better yourselves… GET IN HERE AND PUT IN THE WORK. Complaining or cherry picking will not make you any better. It will do just the opposite.


And remember… negativity is contagious… just like positivity.


With that being said…


Here is the WOD…


Sunday, September 28





Athlete’s Choice






2,000m row

1 mile run

1,000m row

800m run

500m row

400m run

250m row

200m run