Sunday, October 26




CrossFit Bane is hosting it’s first annual B4B!!!


Come out and support a great cause today!!!!!!!


First heat starts at 9am!!!!




Make sure to give yourself enough time to warmup!!


Bring the fam!!!!! Spectators are encouraged!!!


We just ask that you make sure that your children understand that while you are working out, they have to stay off the black mats. This is for their safety! Thanks for your cooperation!



Barbells 4 Boobs WOD:



AMRAP 15 mins.

15 Clean & Jerks

20 Box Jumps

400m Run





1) 2 person same-sex teams

2) Partner 1 does the C&J’s while partner 2 does the Box Jumps. When both are done, both run the 400m together. Then partner 1 does Box Jumps while partner 2 does C&J’s. When both are done go back out and run the 400m together.

3) If partner 1 finishes their reps before partner 2, partner 1 can rest until partner 2 is complete.

4) Partners must use the same weight for the Clean & Jerks.

5) IF YOU HAVE PINK, WEAR IT!!!!!!! Remember, this is for breast cancer!!! 🙂


See you all mañana!!!!!