Saturday, May 17



Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnatch Grip DL work!
Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnatch Grip DL work!



Class sign-ups for tomorrow are here.


Class sign-ups for next week are here! Please sign up!


All Baners are welcome to come to the Paleo Party happening tonight (Saturday) at Matt and Meghann’s house. The address is 1120 Vera Drive, Easton, PA 18040.

Starts at 5. Food sign-ups are at the gym. If you didn’t sign-up, no big deal! Please come! Meet the Baners you don’t know yet!!! πŸ™‚ Bring some food too πŸ™‚ And drinks, duh. And by drinks we mean ALCOHOL. #cheatmeal


Oh and Oreos. Don’t forget the Oreos.



Saturday, May 17





Halper Post-Prom Special

(Think Wildwood & alcohol that your older siblings bought for you for the weekend)





Teams of 2

Each team must complete 80 reps of each skill. One person does the skill, while the other does the hold. When the person holding stops, you switch until the 80 reps for that skill are completed. Once you complete the 80 reps, move on to the next skill.


Pull-ups/Kettlebell Hold

Row (for calories)/Plank Hold

Sit-up 2 Stand-up/Handstand Hold

Jumping Squats (45#)/Chin-up Hold