Saturday, June 7






A few announcements…


1) Girls Night is TONIGHT!!!! Meet at 6:20 at the Regal by Wegmans and Sam’s Club off of 248. Bring a pair of heels and a wear a shirt underneath the hoodie because we are going out after (movie theaters are cold)!!!! We do not know where yet. If anyone can’t make the movie, but still wants to meet us out… let me know!!! Shoot a text to the Bane number (484-764-5958) and I will get back to you!


2) Kids classes start June 17th!!!!!!!! Check out the CF Kids page. If you have any further questions, contact us!!!!


3) Log books are ordered!!!!! I did NOT order any extra. If your name was not on the board, I am sorry. I will do another order though if you are interested!!!! I will keep everyone updated as to when they will be in!


4) Starting July 2nd (it’s a Wednesday) the 7pm class will still be open gym, but we are adding an Oly lifting class to this time slot. So come in and perfect your lifts or just get some goat work done!!!


5) Also starting in July, we are adding the 7pm class to Fridays as well!!!




Saturday, June 7




Halper Special





Teams of 3 complete:

100 Calorie Row

100 Box Jump overs (24/20)

100 Thrusters (95/65)

100 Toes 2 Bar

100 Thrusters

100 Box Jump Overs

100 Calorie Row