Saturday, June 14… Flag Day

SORRY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all weren’t hitting refresh to see if the WOD was posted!!!!!


Congrats to Nate!!!!!!
Congrats to Nate!!!!!!


So for all of you that had no idea what happened at Bane yesterday, here are a few pics…


When Halper and I got there, this is what we saw…





It was crazy… And Mike Hillis, the owner of the building, said that it was about 5 inches up against the wall at the worst part…


Then about an hour later…





Class sign-ups for next week are here.


Saturday, June 14… Flag Day





Halper Special




In teams of 2


AMRAP 20 minutes

20 Push Press (65/45)

20 Burpee Pull-ups

20 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)

After you complete 2 rounds

5 Team tire flips


*Only 1 person can be working at a time (other than on the tire flips).


See you all at 9am!!!!