Saturday, January 3

Great to see so many people back and at it on Friday!!!!














It’s Bane Social WOD day!



Don’t forget.. it’s FREE for everyone!!

Bring friends and family! It’s a great way for people who are interested in CrossFit to see what it is all about!


Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Lurong Paleo Resolution Challenge. It starts Jan. 19th!!!


Here is the link.



Saturday, January 3




Halper Special





Partner WOD FT

300 Thrusters

300 Deadlift

300 Partner Abs

3200m Run




– Entire WOD is done with 1 Wall Ball (per team) (20/14).

– Each person runs 1 mile (1600m)

– Teams must run together (switch holding Wall Ball as needed)

– Partner abs are done together (duh)

– Thrusters and DL are only done by 1 person at a time. Other person can rest.

– You can break up the reps HOWEVER YOU WANT.

– Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!!