Welcome to the Monthly Bane Social WOD!!!!!!!

MDM 2014

Remember this is a FREE WOD for all!!! Come on in and see what CrossFit is all about!!!


Make new friends!!! We have a FANTASTIC bunch of people that we just love to pieces!!


WOD starts at 8am SHARP!!!!!! Get in with enough time to warm-up!!!!







See Whiteboard





Teams of 2



50 Box Jumps (or Step Overs)

50 Air Squats

50 G2OH w/plate

50 Cal. Row (must switch every 10 cals)

50 Double Unders (Singles or line hops)

50 Toes to Rig


Every 3 minutes = each team member owes 3 burpees




Only 1 person works at a time.

Split the movements as evenly as possible (Any way you want. Just don’t have 1 person doing most of the work. This is a TEAM WOD!!!)

Must finish all 50 reps of 1 movement before advancing to the next.