Saturday, August 2


Nice work this week everyone!!! Keep it up…

We are seeing a TON of improvements from everyone and are so very proud of all of you!!!!



Imagine how easy it is for Doug to do wall balls… #jealous



A few things:


1) Meet at “Kelsey’s Liquor Tent” at Musikfest Saturday night at 7pm!! It’s not really called that, but doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?!?!? All are welcome!!! Come and see what it is like to hang out with a 21 year old!!!! (We LOVE you Janelle!!!!)



From Kelsey:


“When looking at the stage in Festplatz, which is under the Main Street extension bridge, I’m right to the left. Its says ‘BAR!’ The big beer truck is next to me too!”



2) We have a few people that are starting to sign up for competitions in the fall!! So proud and excited for all of you that are doing it!!! If you are on the fence, really consider doing one of them!!!! They really are a lot of fun and you get to see just how awesome the CrossFit community is!!!!!


3) The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts September 15th. Guys, this is something that you should seriously consider. Especially if you are doing a competition soon. It really shows you how you should eat for CrossFit. You need food!!! Wholesome, fatty, food!!! If you eat low-fat this and low-carb that and lose a lot of weight, that’s fantastic BUT if you want to compete and are dropping weight super fast, your strength will go with it!!! And I know you don’t want that!!!!! Seriously consider this challenge. You will be about a month into it by the time the competitions come and I guarantee you will be feeling really good!!!!!




Saturday, August 2







AMRAP 20 mins.

10 Ring dips

10 OHS (95/65)

10 KBS (1.5/1)




Athlete #1 will run 400m while Athlete #2 is doing AMRAP of the above. Once Athlete #1 is back… they switch with the Athlete #1 coming in from the run picking up right where Athlete #2 left off in the AMRAP.


Pick a partner who will be using the same weight as you 🙂