Saturday, April 12

Power cleans and box jumps… with a little row!!! Looked a lot easier on the whiteboard!!

Everyone did AWESOME today!!!! Keep up the good work.

Jenn KILLED it on musical med balls…. Yanked that ball right from Matt!!! Oh yeah!!!


Box jumps!!!
Box jumps!!!


6pm class...Getting work done!!!!
6pm class…Getting work done!!!!


Saturday class schedule:


Class starts at 9am. Come a bit early to warm up.

We will also be doing a group warmup at the beginning of class!


EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!! It’s a team WOD, so you are working with other people to complete the WOD!!!!

If you don’t think you can do some of the movements, thats ok! Everything is scalable!!!!

Come out, meet some new people and get a GREAT workout in!!!





FT (For Time):

Every team member must complete:

2 rope climbs (or 3 up/downs)

Then as a team complete:

200 Burpees

200 Box Jumps

200 Toes to bar (or ab mat sit ups)

200  OHWL (overhead walking lunges) (45/25)

200 Deadlift (245/155)

Then as team each person must run 400m (together!!!)



1. Each team member has to complete the rope climbs before anyone continues on to the next part of the WOD.

2. You can break up the 200 reps any way you want, but only 1 person can work be working on each movement. i.e. you can’t have 2 people working on burpees. When you only have 2 movements left, 2 team members will be resting.

3. When you are all done with each of the 200 reps, you all run the 400m together to finish!



P.S. Tees are back in stock! Get ’em while they’re hot…