Monday, September 8


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!


This is the last week of our strength program!!!


Next week we test to see how much you all improved!



Also, Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts on Sunday the 15th.


Don’t forget to sign up!!!!



Monday, September 8






400m run

10 OHS w/PVC

Banded Hip Opener


Tricep smash w/ring





Back Squat

1×5 @ 85%





5 min. AMRAP

Squat Snatch

2 min. rest

5 min. AMRAP

Push Press

2 min. rest

5 min. AMRAP

Squat Clean



***** You have to use same weight throughout entire WOD******


Varsity – 115/75

JV – 95/65

Freshmeat – 65/45