Monday, October 20



Our newest BIT grads!! Congrats ladies!!!



We would like to congratulate all our athletes that were out competing and representing Bane this weekend!!! You guys all did an AMAZING job and should be proud of yourselves!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!


Representing Bane at the Mountain Melee in the Poconos were Meg, Kelsey, Carly and Janelle!!! Out in Paramus at the Festivus Games, we had OJ, Dana and Daina!!!!


Congrats to all of you!!! As your coaches, we could not have been more proud of EVERYONE!!! Your hard work is paying off!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!



We also would like to thank everyone that came out and supported these guys!!!!

You have no idea what it means to see fellow Baners cheering on the sidelines!!! Thanks again guys!!!



Monday, October 20





100 DU’s

Downward Dog Pushups

Banded Shoulder

Banded Hip Opener

10 Kips

Spiderman Walks






3×5 @ 75% of 1 RM






Accumulate 50 Power Snatches


*Every time you drop the bar, 200m run*


V – 135/95

JV – 115/75

FM – 95/65