Monday, November 3

Ok, so some of you might be experiencing difficulties with BoxHQ and the sign-ups.


I think the time change had something to do with it. I fixed it, hopefully.


If the class isn’t listed and we normally have class at that time, just come in. We still are having class unless otherwise noted (Thanksgiving and Black Friday are exceptions this month).



Food drive has officially begun!!!! Please bring in non-perishable food items (canned goods, cereals, etc.) for those less fortunate. We will be filling up our ‘Rogue Box’ and taking it down to Safe Harbor in Easton.



Sign-ups for the 1st Annual CrossFit Bane Turkey Trot have begun!!!


Sign-up at the gym!! Details at the gym as well! Any questions, just ask Matt!







500m Row

Banded Backpack

Banded Ankle

Samson Stretch







1 x 5 @ 85%






Odd – 10 Power Clean
Even – 2 Rope Climb


V – 155/115
JV – 135/95
FM – 95/65



The purpose of this WOD is to go heavy. Choose a weight slightly on the heavy side. Get uncomfortable. You guys can do this heavy. Positive thinking.