Monday, November 17


Hey guys. Hope you all had a great weekend! We know that it is getting colder out, but that is NOT an excuse to skip the day!!!


Get in here and MOVE!! It is the best thing for you 😉
















And with the holidays coming up….



We still have a few hats left… get ’em while they are hot!!!!! We will do a re-order if more people want them!



Also, take note to the warmup!! It changed for the week!!! M-W-F are different than T-R. GET IN TO THE GYM 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS TO GET IT IN. Class starts on the hour. Please get there on time and get in the warmup! It is SUPER important!!!!


Monday, November 17




See board.





Snatch Grip DL


15 min. cap






10 Goblet Squats

10 KB Step-ups (24/20)

10 Russian Twist w/KB

10 KB Front Rack Walking Lunges


****Must use same KB for entire WOD****