Monday, November 10



We want to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Carly and Niki (both were Sunday)!


We want to wish a Happy Birthday to OJ (you know, the one who just got engaged to Becky on Friday?!?!?!?!).

His birthday is today!!!!!!


In case any of you missed the posts on FB, Instagram OR Twitter….

























That’s one heck of a ring! Nice job bud!!!!



We also are implementing a few rules at CrossFit Bane. Nothing too bad, you all pretty much cover them well!


We just wanted to reinforce them for the safety of you and your fellow Baners.





























Thanks in advance for your cooperation!!!



Just ONE more thing (haha)



We are starting THE ‘Bane Turkey Day Challenge.’


Starts Monday and ends on Thanksgiving Day (we are open in the am).


This is a DU challenge. This challenge is help you all out. There are 2 winners!!!


Winner 1 – For those of you that can NOT do double unders: The first one to get 30 consecutive, gets the prize.


Winner 2 – For those of you that CAN do double unders: The person that accumulates the most through Turkey Day wins!!



Prizes will be announced later.




1) You must log your number and a Bane coach MUST SIGN OFF for the day.

2) It MUST be done at Bane.

3) You MUST sign-up (at the gym)



Guys and gals, this is a great time to get to work on your Double Unders!! Use this as practice on getting better at them!!!


Everyone is encouraged to do this 🙂


Any questions, please ask us!!!




Monday, November 10





400m Run

Kitchen Sink

Banded Ankle

Banded Wrist






15 mins. to find NEW 1 RM!!!!!!!!!!





2 rounds


9 Power Clean

14 Box Jumps (24/20)


1 min. Rest


1 Round

11 Pull-ups

10 Thrusters

14 T2B



V – 155/115

JV – 135/95

FM – 115/75



*** Don’t have to use same weight for Cleans and Thrusters. You have the 1 min. rest to change it. ***