Monday, May 12

We are so very grateful to EVERYONE that came out on Saturday! Your support means the world to us! We hope that you all had a great time! We sure did!!!!


Vegan & Gluten Free and filled with LOTS of SUGAAAAAAAAAAAA
Vegan & Gluten Free and filled with LOTS of SUGAAAAAAAAAAAA


We also want to thank 99.9 The Hawk, Athleta, Robbins Rehab and Schyulkill Valley Sports for coming out as well!!



Check under the photos tab for more pictures from Saturday!


Burrrrrrppppppppeeeeeesssssss #EverybodysDoingIt



Class sign-ups are here. Don’t forget to sign up! Please and spanks!!!!


If anyone has Oreos laying around the house, Matt REALLY likes them!

Just looking out for a friend. That’s how I rollllllllllll….


Paleo Par-tay is this weekend!!! Sign-ups are at the gym… number of guests and what you are bringing… It starts at 5pm. It’s at Matt’s house, you know the one that likes Oreos… Maybe bring a package (or 2) with you… (P.S. his birthday is May 22nd).







Monday, May 12





Banded X Side Steps

Scap Smash

PNF Shoulder Stretch

Banded Pigeon Pose





12 mins. to find 1 RM

Snatch Grip High Pull




3 rounds:


400m run

Then immediately following




Ab mats