Monday, June 23

Happy Summer to all of you that LOVE summer!!! (Probably everyone but me)


Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Congrats to Jaime, Brody and Keith for completing the Go Ruck in Bethlehem! 15 hours and 20 miles plus a lot of surprises!!!!

Great job guys!!!!!!


Class sign-ups are here. DO IT. 🙂


Monday, June 23





Runners Lunge

Tricep Smash

Banded ankle

Achilles Smash with clip




Back Squat

5 x 5

using your 10 RM

12 min. cap



6 min. AMRAP

250m row

10 abmats

2 min. rest

6 min. AMRAP

200m run

10 ring dips

2 min. rest

6 min. AMRAP

200 singles

10 Clean & Jerk (95/65)