Monday, January 19


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Lurong Resolution Challenge starts today!!!! If you didn’t already sign-up, you can still do so here.


We will be doing the WODs from Lurong on Wednesdays. Sorry about the confusion. Normally we would do Mondays, but when I set this up to be posted on late Sunday afternoon, they still did not post what the WOD was going to be.



ALSO…. Registration for the CrossFit Open has started!!! Sign-up for that as well!! You still have some time as the first WOD is not announced until the end of February, but sign up!


We will be doing the WODs as a group on Sundays. We will have heat sign-ups and encourage everyone to come in and cheer on your fellow Baners! We PROMISE that this will be a super fun time!!!!



Monday, January 19





See Whiteboard





EMOM 12 mins.

2 Deadlift

Starting @ 65% of your 1 RM

Add weight each minute.







50/40 cal row

Remaining time AMRAP Pull-ups/Ring Rows


2 min. Rest




50 Wall Balls

Remaining time AMRAP KBS (1.5/1)