Monday, December 8

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Thanks to all who came out Saturday for our first Bane Social WOD!!! We had a great turnout!!!!












Here are a few things to remember…


1 – CrossFit Kids with Justin starts January 10th!!! It will be 6 weeks long, every Saturday from 11-noon.

Details to follow.


2 – Olympic Lifting with Ariel starts January 10th!!! It will start out as a 6 week course to get people on point with their olympic lifts. After the initial 6 weeks, it will turn into a strength program for those that are really interested in making gains on their olympic lifts and possibly even start competing in Oly Lifting Comps!!!!!!!!!! If this interests you, talk to Ariel! He will give you the lowdown!

Class will be 9-10am. Saturdays.


3 – The first annual Bane In-House Competition will be held Saturday, April 11. For those that are interested, now is the time to get serious about your training and amp it up!!!!! Details will follow next year (right around the corner people).


4 – CrossFit Bane is signed up as an affiliate for the Lurong Challenge that starts January 19th. This challenge is only 5 weeks long.

Stay on top of your New Years resolutions. Ask us if you have any questions.


5 – Guys and gals, please please please try to get to class 10 minutes before it starts to get your warmup in. We really want to start class on the hour. It is not fair to those that get in early and get their warmup in and then have to wait. If you don’t get in early, we are going to start class on time. You have to get in your warmup and then you can join the class. We aren’t trying to be jerks, we are trying to be fair to everyone. So please respect other Baner’s time and get in early (10 minutes is all you really need). We also understand that things happen and you might be late because of traffic or something else. We understand that. Things happen. But if you can get it, please do!


Thanks for your understanding! We appreciate it!!!



Monday, December 8





50 DU’s (150 singles)

10 Heavy KBS

10 EBB OHS with 3 second pause at the bottom

10 Downward Dog Push-ups

Mobility of choice





Clean & Jerk (Full)

5×5 @ 65% of 1 RM






5 Rounds

12 Push Press (95/65)

12 Wall Ball (20/14)

200m Run