Monday, December 29

Last week of 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make it count!!! Don’t wait until 2015 tomorrow get back in the gym. Make yourself better TODAY!!!!!!!!!
Waiting will only make the damage that you do worse.
We are here to help!!! Let us know your goals and we will get you there!!!!



New Years Eve – open gym 9-11am
New Years Day – open gym 10-12pm

No excuses!!!!!!!



Monday, December 29





See whiteboard





Clean & Jerk

2×5 @ 80% of 1 RM
Rest 2 mins. In between each set.

Capped at 10 minutes






E3MOM 18 mins.

1st set of 3 mins – 350m Row
2nd set of 3 mins. – max DU’s or singles


Score is lowest amount of doubles or singles.


Rules: complete the row in under 3 mins and rest until the 3 minutes is up.
Push yourselves, you’re looking for maximum rest here. Go 150%.
When the next set of 3 mins hits, start jumping. Try not to take breaks longer than 5 seconds here. This isn’t your rest time. After the row is your rest.

Repeat sequence every 3 mins until 18 minutes are up. You should have done 3 sets of each when the clock stops.


Goals : If you do Doubles – shoot for 100 in the 3 minutes.
If you are doing singles – shoot for 300.



The Open and the In-House comp are coming up. You have 2 months until the Open and 4 months until the comp, start pushing yourselves that much more NOW!!!! Take it to the next level.


Dial down on your diet. Lots of protein and veggies. REAL FOOD.