Monday, August 25

I’m back!!

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend…


This is how I spent mine…





A few things for this week:


1) PLEASE sign up for classes via BoxHQ. IF you don’t sign up for class, you can’t take class. IF you sign up and don’t show up, you owe us something (think burpees or something like that). So if you can’t make it, just take yourself off the class list.

Reason why we are going to be hard on you guys about this:


Class size is capped at 12. If 12 people are signed in for class and you show up but you didn’t sign up, you can’t take class. If you sign up and don’t show up and the class is full, you took someone’s spot. So they couldn’t get a WOD in. Please be respectful of this with your fellow Baners. We know that some classes are not close to to 12 cap, BUT we need you to get used to this. Please and thank you 🙂


2) Doors open 15 mins. before the first class. Get to class early to get in your warmup.

We are going to start class on the hour now. We have be giving some grace time, but it is unfair to the people that come early and then wait around until everyone is done. AGAIN, please be respectful of your fellow Baners! If you come in late, you HAVE to get the entire warmup in. Then you can join the class. Warmup is SUPER important. It helps to prevent injury. ALSO, if you come in and get in your warmup and still have a few minutes, please use the time wisely. I said it last week and I will say it again… work on something that you suck at!!! It is the only way that you are going to get better!!! 🙂



3) New RX’d weights. We are now going to have 3 levels of weights for you to chose from. Varsity will be the heaviest, for the elite CrossFit athlete. JV will be the middle ground. If you have good knowledge of the movements, know your max weights for most of them and can perform the movement in its full motion, this is for you. Freshmeat is for the beginning CrossFit athlete. Still getting their feet wet and figuring out what weights are good for them! If you have any questions about these weights, see one of us!!! This is not to discourage anyone at all. This is something to shoot for! Goals to meet to help you get better!!!! We promise 🙂


3) Labor Day hours (Monday the 1st) are 9-11am. Open gym style. We will have a WOD posted. You can do that or whatever you want.


4) Remember… Iron Pigs game is this Thursday. 6pm meet at the field. 7pm class is cancelled that night. Sorry guys! 🙁



Monday, August 25





100 DU’s or DU attempts. NO SINGLES!!!!

20 Kips

10 Burpees

Hip mobility (Athlete’s Choice)

Banded Ankle




Back Squat

3×5 of 75% of 1 RM


12 min. cap





EMOM 20 mins.

Min. 1 – 10 Front Rack Walking Lunges (total. 5 each leg)

Min. 2 – Max HRPU


Varsity –  135/95

JV – 115/75

Freshmeat – 95/55