Monday, April 28

Nice work on the first Hero WOD here at CrossFit Bane!!!

It was a tough one, but everyone pushed through!!!!! Lots of first-timers!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Class signups for this weeeeeekkkkkkkkk, here.


Lots of NEW things coming up this week!!!! Get excited!!!!


1. New programming schedule… this will be explained to you during your class. Don’t be scared… it’s all good!!


2. We have had A LOT of interest in what Paleo food is all about… SOOOOOOOOO we are having a Paleo Party… May 17th. 5pm. Details and signups at the gym…


3. MARK. YOUR. CALENDARS. GRAND OPENING celebration is May 10th from 11am-2pm. Athleta and Robbins Rehab will be coming. Bring friends, family, your neighbors, cousins, anyone!!! We will be having 2 CrossFit preview classes. More details to come…


4. Little in-house bet coming on Thursday… Members will be betting on owners…. Oh yes… this is going to be good…

There will be prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Monday, April 28




25 Double Unders

Glute ham smash and floss with baseball

Pigeon pose on box

Quad smash with tennis ball

25 Double Unders




Back Squat

Using 90% of your 1 RM calculate as follows

5 @ 75%

3 @ 85%

1+ @ 95%




5 Rounds


Plate Farmers carry there & back – width of gym (45/25)

5 Box Step-ups with plate overhead (45/25)

Bar L-hang for max time

Rest 1 min.


*Score is shortest Bar L-hang