Friday the 13th…

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!

Nice job on the squat tree everyone!! You all did awesome!!!!!

Hope your walking ok today 🙂

A few things:

1) WOD log journals have shipped!!!! They will be here next week. Sorry guys, I thought we would have them this week. Just hold out a bit longer….
If anyone wants one that didn’t order one… Let us know!!! We will absolutely do another order!!!!

2) CrossFit Kids starts this coming Tuesday!!!!!!!!! 3-4pm…
Contact us to sign up or just let us know at the gym. First 2 classes are FREE!!!!!

3) All you guys are seriously the best!!! You have no idea how much we love seeing you everyday!!! We love how you let us push you a bit farther than your comfort zone and we love the enthusiasm that you all show!!! We hope that you all enjoy coming in!!!!!! If there is anything that you would like to address or ideas you have for another Bane night out… Let us know!!!!!!

I’m posting this blog from my iPad. It’s hard to set up links for things. Sorry guys. If you need to sign up for class please go to yesterday’s WOD and sign up under there. Thanks for understanding!!!

Friday the 13th…





Forearm PVC

Hammie smash on box

Weighted hip opener

Wall PVC lat stretch





Weighted Ring Push-ups

12 mins. to find 2 RM





For Reps


1 mile run

Max Rep UNBROKEN Deadlift (185/135)