Friday, November 14




Beanies are in! We decided on Charcoal Grey beanie! Here is a pic of the logo…



























We have a LIMITED supply!!! If you want one, they are $18 each. If we sell out and more people want them, we will do a re-order!!!!!





A few things…


1) Saturday, November 29th from 9-11am, we will be at Schyukill Valley Sports in the Palmer Mall. We will be holding 2 WODS. One at 9am and the 2nd at 10am.

Please come down and participate!!! Your support is greatly appreciated!!!!


2) Turkey Trot is coming up…. Sunday November 30th!!! It is $10/person. The money will go towards trophies and food to be donated to the shelter!!!!

Sign-ups are at the gym!!!! All are welcome (even kids)! So bring the fam down for some fun!!!!!!




Friday, November 14





400m Run

Banded Ankle

Banded Wrist

Banded Kegels

Kitchen Sink





Bench Press

15 mins. to find 1 RM






5 Pull-ups

2 DB Snatches

10 Ab mats

5 Pull-ups

4 DB Snatches

10 Ab mats

5 Pull-ups

6 DB Snatches

10 Abmats

5 Pull-ups

8 DB Snatches

10 Abmats

5 Pull-ups

10 DB Snatches

10 Abmats


***Repeat until 10 mins. are up***







30 GHD Back Extensions