Friday, May 30

It’s totally worth how mad he’s going be at me…


Sorry, I had to.
Sorry, I had to. It’s too good NOT to repeat. Just in case some people missed yesterday’s post.



So great job everyone!!! The comments after the WOD were mostly “those burpees SUCKED!” We know. They just don’t ever seem to get better! But the fact that you all got to the gym today knowing what was coming in AWESOME!!!!!!!!


5am ladies setting the bar high!!!!
5am ladies setting the bar high!!!!





Ok, we tell you all to keep track of your WODs and weights used… I know some of you don’t do it. That is fine, but there will be times that we ask you to use your 5 RM back squat as the weight for the WOD. They might also be times that you think you PR’d on a lift, but have no way of knowing for sure because you didn’t write it down.


There are plenty of ways to do this… myWOD (available in iTunes and Google Play) is a good tool to use if you are super tech-savvy and like digital over the good old pen and paper. If you are like us, then pen and paper is your go-to method. It takes a whole 3 minutes after your WOD to write down this stuff. Not a big deal.


For those that are interested, we are going to put together an order for custom journals (the pen and paper kind). The total cost per journal will be $15 bucks (it should last you about a year). If you want to know the general idea of how they will look, ask either Halper, Brody or myself (Julie) and we will show you. We need a minimum of 5 orders to do an affiliate order. If you don’t want to spend the 15 bucks, head over to staples or target and get a journal there or digitize it and spend a few bucks for the myWOD.


Just please, please, please start tracking your WODs… You will thank us later!! We promise!


Wait, I think I forgot to mention that it will have the totally RAD Bane logo on it! BOOM!




Friday, May 30







Inch Worms


Banded Pigeon on a Box

Banded Tri Opener






10 Calorie Row

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

30 Deadlift (185/135)

40 Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Ring Dips

40 Wall Balls

30 Deadlift

20 Box Jump Overs

10 Cal. Row