Friday, June 6

So how did everyone like the 20 min. rest in between Back Squat sets???

You’re welcome. We’re always looking out for you guys!!!!


The things that you let us to do you guys!!!
The things that you let us to do you guys!!!



Class sign-ups for the rest of this week are here.


Class sign-ups for next week are here.




A few things to remember…


1) CrossFit Kids starts June 17th! Sign your kids up!!!!! Contact us to let us know! They get 2 classes FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2) Bane girls night is this Saturday. Movie is at 6:40. Not going to do dinner before bc of time and how early we would have to go. But drinks and possibly bustin’ a move after!!!!


3) $$$$$ for log books!!!! Don’t forget!!!!!





Friday, June 6






Good morning (with bar)

Hip smash

IT Band smash





AMRAP 15 min.

9 Hang clean (115/75)


15 Box Jumps (24/20)






Work up to a heavy double

12 min. cap