3 Years Ago…

3 Years Ago…

This post might get a little sappy. Considered yourself warned.


For all of you that don’t know, Monday April 10 marks the 3rd year of opening our doors!

3. Years.

Holy. Crap.


Not that we didn’t think that we would still be here today, but opening a business takes a leap of faith and a whole lot of time and energy.

You never know where it is going to go.

And where Bane is today, WOW!

Words can NOT even express how grateful we are.


It’s surreal to see something that you love and are passionate about succeed in the ways that Bane has.

It’s surreal to see the way that it has brought people together.

It’s surreal to see the relationships that it has formed.

It’s surreal to see the way that it has changed people’s lives for the better.



And it would not be what it is today without each and everyone of you.

First up: the coaching team.

You guys and gals are the backbone of Bane. Without each and every one of you, we would not have the capacity to have the classes that we have.

We would not have the opportunity to have the excellence that we have.

Every one of you brings something unique to Bane. It makes us who we are.

It molds the members into what they are and what they want to accomplish.

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

We are so thankful that you chose to coach at Bane.

We are so thankful that you stand with us.

Thank you, team, for everything!



Thank you for putting your trust in us to give you the best possible CrossFit experience.

Thank you for walking through that door on your first day and trying us out.

Thank you for coming back for that second day!

We want to see each and every one of you succeed.

Whether it’s to have better health overall or to move on to the big league competitions, we are here with you.

A simple question or request, we are here to listen.

Extra time going over a movement, we are here to teach.

We want you all to feel as comfortable as possible at Bane.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If it wasn’t for each one of you, we LITERALLY would not be here today.


We have plans to move on to bigger and better things.

And we hope that all of you (and more) plan to come on that journey with us!

If there every is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to ask!


With all of that being said, please plan to come in Monday to any class and do our 3 year anniversary WOD!

I will not be posting it here.